Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here are two recent stories, both from The first is a reprint of an article from The Akron Beacon Journal about The Heartbeats:

TanzaniaSports also asked me to write about my trip to Tanzania and East Africa:

It goes into the details a little more than I can in this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


During the trip, my Kiswahili slowly improved. I learned some important phrases, such as:

Habari za asubuhi? - (Good morning/News of the morning?)
Hamjambo? - (How are all of you?)
Jina langu ni... - (My name is...)
Natokea... - (I am from...)
Nikohapa ufundisha kuruka kamba - (I am here to teach jump rope)
Moja, mbili, tatu, nne, tano, sita, saba, nane, tisa, kumi - (#'s 1-10)

I used some of the phrases below, during a performance at Mchikichini School near Morogoro:


Nothing too impressive. I slowly got better during the trip, taking every opportunity to talk with local speakers.

See more jump rope videos at:

Map of Tanzania

This is a map of Tanzania, and part of Kenya. I flew into Dar es Salaam on January 11th, then traveled to my first school in Morogoro. This was followed by Iringa, then back to Dar.

The Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya, was my next destination. Finally, I returned to Tanzania to visit the Mkombozi Center for Street Children in Moshi. I had hoped to give demos and classes in Dar, Tanga and Arusha; but time just didn't permit.

My stay in Tanzania and Kenya was far too short; but I needed to return for second semester classes at Oberlin College. My final destination was Nairobi for my flight back to the U.S. But I'll return to finish the work I have just begun with the wonderful people of Tanzania and Kenya.